So if you're anything like me, you love Birthdays and love celebrating them, or, at least, eating cake and ice cream…better yet, ice cream cake! But that's beside the point. For me, what's better than just any birthday, is a milestone birthday. Clarification – a child's milestone birthday. Which, in my mind, happens when they turn 5 – "a whole hand!!" 10 – "double digits!!" 16 – "sweet 16!" 18 – "omg you can drive all night!" (Are Cinderella licenses even still a thing?) and then 21 – "last birthday for presents, since you're technically an adult!" My reasonings may be a little new to some, but they are my reasonings and why I like to celebrate. Soooo one of my bff's kids, Kenley, just turned 5, and I wanted to get her a package of 5 gifts that she'd love.
Well…before I sent her the package, I sent her ice cream.

What? She loves ice cream! And I love sending Jeni's Splendid ice cream as gifts. It's very cool (I guess pun intended). They have all these amazing flavors, like Churro, Brambleberry Crisp, Salted Caramel, Mocha Black Cherry, and many more. Definitely check them out. The ice cream is delivered with dry ice, so it is still frozen, and you can pretend that you're performing at an awesome 80's or 90's concert (no, but seriously, please be sure to follow the instructions of handling and discarding the dry ice. Like, for real). But back to the package…

I put together a package of things I thought she'd love. 1. The amazing book, "The Magical Adventures of Shiloh and Jax," about a little girl and her beautiful bird meeting for the first time and about to embark on some magical adventures. My friends read to their kids a lot at bedtime, and Kenley has a huge imagination, so this book was right up her alley. 2. I also got her this awesome Billieblush mesh skirt with heart appliqués. Ok, let me just tell you about Billieblush if you've never heard of it. It's this cute kid's clothing line from France. I had the joy of visiting their shop in Paris, not too long ago, and it was the cutest. Kind of magical…so much so, as we were going crazy with all the cute and quirky items and store layout, a butterfly flew into the store, sprinkling pixie dust on the shoppers. Ok, the last part about the pixie dust isn't true, but that was like the feeling, you know? Anyway, very cute skirt. It has a multi-color lurex waistband, and it comes with a smiley face hair clip. Trés cute. 3. I bought this super cool, bright pink, gel purse from Zara kids. I ended up buying the yellow one, too. I was going to send it to her little sister, then I was going to keep it for myself, but then my "better half" told me that I should be a better person, so I sent it for her sister. All good! She loved hers, too. But that's just how right these purses are – I wanted one for myself, and I haven't been single digit age in quite some years. 4. I was once told by someone, that you never give a purse or a wallet as a gift without putting money in it. Thankfully, I give a lot of unbags, but this time, I couldn't escape the rule and hooked her up with a $5 bill, which Kenley says she's saving to go out and get ice cream (Told ya she loves ice cream) with me and her mom. How sweet is that?! 5. This denim jacket is part of the Fall '17 Epic Threads line sold exclusively at Macy's, but I customized it for her with the "K" initial raw-edge, fabric appliqué patch on the back, the crinkle on the collar, waist, and cuffs, a little grinding, and this tassle pin that I made with some bright colors to compliment all the pieces.

All I have to say is, I loved putting it together, and she loved it and is probably still wearing the ensemble 7 days later! Always remember to send a card or a letter explaining some or all of the gifts. It helps the receiver feel the love you put into the package.

Well that's my 5th birthday package list. Checkout some of the links, and you can cross 5th birthday presents off of your list.


Fall’spiration: Mango

It’s baaack! And I’m back! 

Yes, it feels like I have been doing some sort of a reverse hibernation, but really, I’ve kind of been uninspired with the fashion and  trends of the past seasons. How many peasant tops, bell sleeves, ripped denim, ripped to shreds denim, can a person see before saying, “this again?” Especially when you were already part of that fashion cycle back in the day. But anyway… Fall is upon us, and I think I mentioned it before, but it is my favorite season. 

The air is brisk, not too hot and not too cold, but, to me, juuusst right! In fall, there is more to play with when you get dressed. There are sweaters and vests and jackets and boots and in the right setting, hats. The season alone inspires me, but there’s a store, while shopping in Europe, that I thought did it well. 


Now, I know Mango is not in all the states in the U.S., but it is 2016, so you can check them out on the web. Mango.com

The store in Barcelona in Passeig de Garcia was well put together and must have just received their fall shipment. 

From the lace pleated skirts, the long velvet blazer, the wide leg trousers, the color green, and the leather jacket with graffiti on the back, or the trench with the patches and colored fur collar, I could have spent a pretty penny in that store, but I curbed my enthusiasm and decided to inform the masses instead. 

So as you gear up for the fall season, take a look at Mango. It hits all the trends but does it with a twist. 

So you can head on over to a store or to the website and cross everything for fall off your list. 


Checkout the outfit I put together below. It’s perfect when you want to “class it up” a bit ;). 

Everything the model is wearing is from Mango and can be found on their website. I love the mix of these colors which really all go together. The blouse with the tie-neck detail has been around for a bit now, but in this rich burgundy color and with the navy, wide-leg, trousers it really works. The burgundy snake finish pumps, which give a nod to the animal trend, and the green, patterned, wool overcoat are the finishing touches that bring this look together. 

Get the look:

Fall done right

Last weekend, I hit the Flatiron district of NYC to get inspired for some fall looks. I went to all my usual suspects on 5th Ave, like Club Monaco (aka “my happy place”), Anthropologie, Madewell, and the list goes on and on…well until 14th Street. 
Out of all the stores I visited, the one that stood out and gets the golden star is Loft. 

I know some of you are thinking – “Loft??” so to answer you, “yeah, Loft!”  

The color story was on point. The sweaters were cozy and plentiful. They even got bottoms right, ranging from Navy Blue Ponte Pants (yes!), to Burgundy double- knit pencil skirts. Also, I have to mention their variety of the ever important “3rd piece,” be-it, a bomber jacket, an anorak or an awesome autumnal (thank you Jessica Simpson –Jessica Simpson HSN: word of the day autumnal 1:30) multi-colored poncho. 

Loft is great because they always have some kind of sale going on, and they always seem to capture the right trends. 

I love this look with the pencil skirt and the quilted bomber. The pencil skirt is such a key silhouette this fall and Burgundy is one of this fall’s must have colors. You can never go wrong with a black and white stripe top, that ties this black quilted bomber jacket to the outfit ever so sweetly. 

Look at the quilting details on both the skirt and the jacket. It’s just so right!

Finish this look with a nice patent leather black heel or some very on trend tasseled flat loafers and some golden jewels and you’re good to go.

If you can, head on over to a Loft store near you or go to Loft.com to get in the fall mood. Then you can cross cozy sweaters, pencil skirts, and amazing 3rd pieces off of your list. 



ESosa: A sneak peak at what’s coming next Spring/Summer ’16


If you have ever thought that fashion shows were all about avant guard fashions that could not be worn in real life, then let me introduce you to ESosa, to change your mind.

I had the pleasure of seeing the ESosa S/S ’16 runway show, during New York Fashion Week, hosted by Style Fashion on Sept. 12, 2015. 

The S/S ’16 ESosa line had clothing that was true ready-to-wear. (Yep, that is exactly where the term came from. Unlike haute couture fashions that are made to order for balls and galas, ready-to-wear fashions are clothing based on standardized sizes, that you can find in stores or online and can actually be worn in real life.)

ESosa played with airy, easy, spring-like fabrics such as, chiffons, silks, and dobby for texture. The silhouettes ranged from flowy caftans and dresses, patterned fashion jog suits, and structured pant and skirt suits. The patterns were big and bold matched together as a set or mismatched for a more unexpected look. 

My favorite outfit was the navy pencil skirt set. The tank was structured with box pleats, and styled with a brown leather belt for a classy look. Love love love! I am a sucker for navy blue! 

Great looks, great dresses for weddings and outings next spring, so be sure to put ESosa on your list when you start shopping for S/S ’16.


Stripe It Up

As the weather supposedly gets warmer, may I entice you with a super easy trend for Spring. Stripes!
Of course, my go to and the popular color combination, is a black and white stripe pattern in a variety of of sizes. But don’t feel locked in to the black and white, you can wear this trend in any color combo your heart desires. I’m just letting you know black and white is the most popular one. It’s clean and always looks fresh and is a great partner for pop colors or denim.
This one is so doable. So don’t be afraid, get out there, get some stripes, and cross this one off your list.

She’s got the look: I love this look! It’s such a no-brainer. I paired this stipe tee with these belted black sweatpants, and I love these short boots with the pop of pink at the toe.

Get the look:

Screenshot 2015-03-17 23.53.30Screenshot 2015-03-17 23.53.46Screenshot 2015-03-17 23.54.25

Here comes the Windowpane…

Go to your window and stare. Do you love it? Wish you could wear it? Lol! You’re in luck! It’s the pattern that you need to have this season. The Windowpane.

It’s here in full effect after a few attempts in the past couple of years. Call it plaid and gingham’s clean and simple cousin. Mostly seen in black and white and sometimes worn mixed together, with the black ground and white box or white ground and black box. It’s also a great print to transition into spring, by adding pops of color in accessories or in your top or bottoms, depending on how you decide to wear it. You can really have fun with it, as you start to think Spring.

Alright, move away from the window, and go pick up your windowpane look and cross this one off your list.


This is probably one of the easiest ways to wear this look. Simple skinny pants and a structured black sweatshirt, which is totally essential, for looking dressed up but being so comfortable. Where some white boots or sneakers, depending on where you're going. And finish it off with a pop of color in your accessories. This Turq color is a very cool color for Spring!

This is probably one of the easiest ways to wear this look. Simple skinny pants and a structured black sweatshirt, which is totally essential for looking dressed up but being oh so comfortable. Wear some white ankle boots or sneakers, depending on where you’re going. And finish it off with a pop of color in your accessories. This Turq color is a very cool ūüėČ color for Spring!

Helpful Tip: If you are bottom heavy and a bit self conscious, wear the windowpane print in a top. Try it in a white ground with black box for a fresh, crisp, look.

Get the look:

Black Sweatshirt

Black Sweatshirt

Windowpane Skinnies

White boot

White boot

Turq Bracelet set

Turq Bracelet set

Buffalo check yourself before you wreck yourself…

In case you’re one of those people who like to hold on to things, stop it! You should have learned¬†from the movie Frozen by now, “let it go!” Fall is here! (It officially started on Sept. 23rd 2014).

One of the must have patterns for the season is Buffalo check. Buffalo check is plaid with large intersecting blocks of two different colors of yarn. The most traditional and on-trend color combo is red and black.

Stop. Take a look a round. You’ve seen it. It’s on shirts, vests, backpacks, jackets, coats, and even boots! It’s all around you, but it makes such a great fall statement. Yeah you may think to yourself, “do I look like a lumberjack in this?!” but if you do, it’s perfect!

Embrace it, and cross this one off your list.



I went straight up lumberjack for this look, using my red and black buffalo check flannel shirt, my ripped slim-fit boyfriend jeans with suspenders, and added my camo vest with corduroy piecing to show commitment ;). I added a jeweled statement necklace because I think a statement necklace can feminize and dress up any ensemble. This outfit can be worn with camel color booties, or if you are showing true commitment, some Hunter rain boots, or even better, some “Tims” aka Timberland boots.¬†I’m thinking the Manolo Blahnik, Timberland inspired boot, J-Lo style circa 2002, Jenny from the Block video. (Btw, you’re welcome.)

The Details:

Buffalo check Flannel shirt – Urban Outfitters

Slim-fit Boyfriend jeans with suspenders – Urban Outfitters

Camo Vest – John Deere

Statement necklace – Club Monaco

Similar pieces:

madew4075146095_q1_1-0_336x596  Screenshot 2014-10-15 07.41.02Screenshot 2014-10-15 08.06.10 imageService pTBL1-17111725v275

All white, all white, all white…

Summertime is here and the temperature is going up. This summer the go to color is white.White cotton, white lace, white linen, white chiffon, white stripes‚ĶI kinda had to. (I was literally setting myself up.) Anyway, back to it. White. I headed over to the new NYC Urban Outfitters store on 35th and Broadway(see featured picture, but ignore the ghost in the back.HA!), and there it was. A sea of summer whites! From dresses and¬†tanks, to piecing on denim shorts, you can’t go wrong with a bit of white this summer. Keep cool this summer and pick up something white and cross this one off your list.


White chiffon dress outfit

This chiffon,flutter sleeve, ballet dress is an easy choice for those hot summer days, paired with these gold metallic sandals and belt, and some neon pop accessories, like this¬†strap on my¬†little denim bag and my rope necklace. It’s easy and breezy ;).

These gold sandals I snagged a few years ago from Banana Republic. Metallic shoes this summer instantly dresses any casual outfit up. I tend to like to get my shoes really broken-in, and living in NYC, I can always count on that. If you’re more into the crisp metallic color, buy new shoes and stay out of the rain or find yourself a can of gold or whatever color metallic spray paint necessary and take care of business.

Neon pops are a great way to brighten up your outfit. This pink rope necklace with metallic cylinders is my go to necklace when I need a pop of color. I also love a good neon green pop like on the strap of my bag.

This is my little denim bag, perfect for summer weekends. Small enough to grab and go, but big enough to hold keys, money, sunglasses and my metro card‚Ķoh yeah and gum. Best thing about this bag is that I designed it. Well…it’s constructed from a denim pant leg and a neon green grosgrain ribbon. Lovin’ it!


Dress – Urban Outfitters

Sandals – Banana Republic

Belt – Gap

Necklace – Forever21

Bag – homemade


Similar Items:

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Parkas and Anoraks


I have seen these two words used interchangeably, and although they basically serve the same purpose (keeping the rain off of your head), they are not the same.

Parkas are jackets with a hood. They are normally wind proof and/or water-repellent. They tend to look like over shirts, and the most popular color to have these days is a military inspired color, be it olive green, khaki or straight up camo.

Anoraks are a hooded pullover jacket made of any weather resistant material. I have a “vintage,” (I use the term pretty loosely) anorak from Old Navy from the early 90’s. Haha! What? I said I used vintage loosely! ;).

I tend to wear lightweight parkas as my transitional jacket during Spring & Fall. I can layer it over a vest, with a scarf, if necessary, for those colder days, or wear it by itself on a cool day. My anorak, on the other hand, travels in my bag all summer long. Its design allows it to fold into a pouch for easy storage. So when the rain starts to pour on a hot summer day, I can dip into my bag and pull out my anorak pack for protection.

Check out the outfit below to see how to wear your parka this Spring, and mark this one off of your list.


parka outfitWhen those April showers start to fall, I love throwing on my lightweight parka with a comfy outfit underneath. 

Parka close up on epaulets and hidden hood

This Parka has military inspired epaulets and a zippered collar with a hidden hood. I love this collar detail because when you don’t need the hood you can store it away in the collar and look really sharp with your high constructed collar.

The rainy day outfit

A quick peek at the outfit: On rainy days…let me keep it real, on MOST days, I like to be snuggly, so I have invested in a lot of these shawl collar or cocoon-like cardigans. This marled, oatmeal color cardigan has specs of grey and white, so I incorporated those colors in the rest of the pieces. I used a white 3/4 sleeve burnout top and charcoal grey pleated culotte shorts to bring the outfit all together. If it’s cold out, add some tights or leggings to the mix.

The Boots

I spotted these boots about a year ago on someone walking down the street and then later in the year I saw someone on the subway wearing them, so I asked her where she bought it. (Yes, I did! I wasn’t trying to let these boots get away from me again.) I love the sleekness and the buckle detail of these rain boots. They are so chic, you can get away with not changing out of them all day, and they are quite comfortable. With a pair of wool leg warmers, they can also double as snow boots. ūüėČ

Parka – H&M

Cardigan – Urban Outfitters

White Burnout top – Zara

Pleated Culotte shorts – BCBG Max Azria

Boots – Century21

Similar Items:


   burnout teeculotte shortsriffraff black bootcocoon cardi

Why you sweatin’ it?


Not feelin’ it today? Don’t sweat it! Actually do sweat it!

About 6 years ago, I was determined to wear sweatpants to work. As silly as it may sound, it was a major goal of mine for 2008. I searched everywhere to find “dressy” sweatpants because some days, I was just not feelin’ it. I wanted to be comfortable, in sweatpants, at home, on the couch, watching a movie, drinking a black and white hot chocolate, and not at work (I know you know what I’m talking about). Then, one glorious day, I found them! They’ve been a staple item of mine now, and, to be quite honest, they probably always will be. Obviously, I wasn’t alone because now it’s popular to wear dressed-up sweatpants. I’ve heard people call them dapper joggers, soft pants, or ¬†the un-sweatpant. Ahhh the small victories!

Check out the look below to see how to dress your sweatpants up and wear them to work. I know, I know…you’re welcome ;). Heyyyyy don’t sweat it!¬†Just go out and get it, and cross this one off your list.¬†


I love wearing an outfit like this when I need to be comfortable, especially if I have to go into the office and then head out on a flight. People think I am dressed up, but in actuality it’s really a tee and sweatpants, polished off with a denim blazer and booties! Foiled again! SUCKAAAASSS!!!

This is what sold these for me, the zippers at the leg opening. This little detail dressed these sweats up enough for me to wear to work without anyone blinking an eye.

The zippers at the leg opening is what made me purchase these. This little detail dressed these sweats up enough for me to wear them to work without anyone blinking an eye.

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