The Unbag

unbag title

I have much respect for the people who can save and spend a pretty penny on bags, but…I ain’t the one. Thank God for the latest trend of The Unbag. You’ve seen these around, and they are about to start taking over. They’re canvas, nondescript, but still holds all your stuff (who would have thought!) I’ve been sporting my bag for like the past 6 months, and I’ve been seeing them emerge more and more. I personally like the plain bags, but there are some bags that have phrases, graphics, and prints. Whatever it is, I put this one on the list because I love the idea of a white or natural color, canvas bag that is neutral enough to go with every outfit and can carry all your stuff, especially if you’re sneaking in your iced chai into a matinée movie 🙂 (btw that’s completely hypothetical of course). Anyway, grab yourself an Unbag and cross this one off your list. Later! -L



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