Redenim Song

Who can resist some good denim items that can be dressed up or dressed down? Not I, as you can see from the picture above. I am so glad that this denim trend is alive and kicking. Here are a few items that you must have this season to wear this trend and wear it well.

Chambray shirts – these are a cool way to layer, especially when the weather really starts to get nice. It’s kind of like the new denim jacket.

Overalls – Yes, they’re back. After a few years of sneaking around town, it is now safe to sport some overalls again. Don’t be scared to rock them 90’s style with 1 buckle undone. What? They’re overalls, and it’s not that serious ;).

Denim jackets – If you don’t have one of these already, it’s cool, no judgement, but umm…go get one. The denim jacket is a statement item no matter what year it is. Just make sure you get the right fit and the right wash (medium or dark wash are pretty classic).

Also, don’t be afraid to wear denim with denim. Growing up I used to hear that it was a no-no to do that, but now it’s a yes-yes. So how ever you want to wear it and whatever pieces you decide to purchase to represent it, make sure to add some denim to your wardrobe and check this trend off your list.



Try overalls with a skinnier leg, which is an updated cut for overalls. Pair it with some booties to help you look taller.

For overalls, try an updated cut with a skinnier leg, and pair it with some booties to help elongate your legs. The key to wearing denim with denim is to not try to match the denim exactly. Try to have 1 piece a shade or so lighter and 1 a shade or so darker.

denim necklace close up

Add a statement necklace to to dress up any outfit.

overalls with bag

Don’t forget your Unbag! Natural or white canvas can go with any color.


Overalls and Chambray shirt – H&M

Statement Necklace – Loft

Booties – Zara

The Unbag – a gift from Paris (the city, not the person)


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