Why you sweatin’ it?


Not feelin’ it today? Don’t sweat it! Actually do sweat it!

About 6 years ago, I was determined to wear sweatpants to work. As silly as it may sound, it was a major goal of mine for 2008. I searched everywhere to find “dressy” sweatpants because some days, I was just not feelin’ it. I wanted to be comfortable, in sweatpants, at home, on the couch, watching a movie, drinking a black and white hot chocolate, and not at work (I know you know what I’m talking about). Then, one glorious day, I found them! They’ve been a staple item of mine now, and, to be quite honest, they probably always will be. Obviously, I wasn’t alone because now it’s popular to wear dressed-up sweatpants. I’ve heard people call them dapper joggers, soft pants, or  the un-sweatpant. Ahhh the small victories!

Check out the look below to see how to dress your sweatpants up and wear them to work. I know, I know…you’re welcome ;). Heyyyyy don’t sweat it! Just go out and get it, and cross this one off your list. 


I love wearing an outfit like this when I need to be comfortable, especially if I have to go into the office and then head out on a flight. People think I am dressed up, but in actuality it’s really a tee and sweatpants, polished off with a denim blazer and booties! Foiled again! SUCKAAAASSS!!!

This is what sold these for me, the zippers at the leg opening. This little detail dressed these sweats up enough for me to wear to work without anyone blinking an eye.

The zippers at the leg opening is what made me purchase these. This little detail dressed these sweats up enough for me to wear them to work without anyone blinking an eye.

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