Stripe It Up

As the weather supposedly gets warmer, may I entice you with a super easy trend for Spring. Stripes!
Of course, my go to and the popular color combination, is a black and white stripe pattern in a variety of of sizes. But don’t feel locked in to the black and white, you can wear this trend in any color combo your heart desires. I’m just letting you know black and white is the most popular one. It’s clean and always looks fresh and is a great partner for pop colors or denim.
This one is so doable. So don’t be afraid, get out there, get some stripes, and cross this one off your list.

She’s got the look: I love this look! It’s such a no-brainer. I paired this stipe tee with these belted black sweatpants, and I love these short boots with the pop of pink at the toe.

Get the look:

Screenshot 2015-03-17 23.53.30Screenshot 2015-03-17 23.53.46Screenshot 2015-03-17 23.54.25

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