Fall’spiration: Mango

It’s baaack! And I’m back! 

Yes, it feels like I have been doing some sort of a reverse hibernation, but really, I’ve kind of been uninspired with the fashion and  trends of the past seasons. How many peasant tops, bell sleeves, ripped denim, ripped to shreds denim, can a person see before saying, “this again?” Especially when you were already part of that fashion cycle back in the day. But anyway… Fall is upon us, and I think I mentioned it before, but it is my favorite season. 

The air is brisk, not too hot and not too cold, but, to me, juuusst right! In fall, there is more to play with when you get dressed. There are sweaters and vests and jackets and boots and in the right setting, hats. The season alone inspires me, but there’s a store, while shopping in Europe, that I thought did it well. 


Now, I know Mango is not in all the states in the U.S., but it is 2016, so you can check them out on the web. Mango.com

The store in Barcelona in Passeig de Garcia was well put together and must have just received their fall shipment. 

From the lace pleated skirts, the long velvet blazer, the wide leg trousers, the color green, and the leather jacket with graffiti on the back, or the trench with the patches and colored fur collar, I could have spent a pretty penny in that store, but I curbed my enthusiasm and decided to inform the masses instead. 

So as you gear up for the fall season, take a look at Mango. It hits all the trends but does it with a twist. 

So you can head on over to a store or to the website and cross everything for fall off your list. 


Checkout the outfit I put together below. It’s perfect when you want to “class it up” a bit ;). 

Everything the model is wearing is from Mango and can be found on their website. I love the mix of these colors which really all go together. The blouse with the tie-neck detail has been around for a bit now, but in this rich burgundy color and with the navy, wide-leg, trousers it really works. The burgundy snake finish pumps, which give a nod to the animal trend, and the green, patterned, wool overcoat are the finishing touches that bring this look together. 

Get the look:

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