So if you're anything like me, you love Birthdays and love celebrating them, or, at least, eating cake and ice cream…better yet, ice cream cake! But that's beside the point. For me, what's better than just any birthday, is a milestone birthday. Clarification – a child's milestone birthday. Which, in my mind, happens when they turn 5 – "a whole hand!!" 10 – "double digits!!" 16 – "sweet 16!" 18 – "omg you can drive all night!" (Are Cinderella licenses even still a thing?) and then 21 – "last birthday for presents, since you're technically an adult!" My reasonings may be a little new to some, but they are my reasonings and why I like to celebrate. Soooo one of my bff's kids, Kenley, just turned 5, and I wanted to get her a package of 5 gifts that she'd love.
Well…before I sent her the package, I sent her ice cream.

What? She loves ice cream! And I love sending Jeni's Splendid ice cream as gifts. It's very cool (I guess pun intended). They have all these amazing flavors, like Churro, Brambleberry Crisp, Salted Caramel, Mocha Black Cherry, and many more. Definitely check them out. The ice cream is delivered with dry ice, so it is still frozen, and you can pretend that you're performing at an awesome 80's or 90's concert (no, but seriously, please be sure to follow the instructions of handling and discarding the dry ice. Like, for real). But back to the package…

I put together a package of things I thought she'd love. 1. The amazing book, "The Magical Adventures of Shiloh and Jax," about a little girl and her beautiful bird meeting for the first time and about to embark on some magical adventures. My friends read to their kids a lot at bedtime, and Kenley has a huge imagination, so this book was right up her alley. 2. I also got her this awesome Billieblush mesh skirt with heart appliqués. Ok, let me just tell you about Billieblush if you've never heard of it. It's this cute kid's clothing line from France. I had the joy of visiting their shop in Paris, not too long ago, and it was the cutest. Kind of magical…so much so, as we were going crazy with all the cute and quirky items and store layout, a butterfly flew into the store, sprinkling pixie dust on the shoppers. Ok, the last part about the pixie dust isn't true, but that was like the feeling, you know? Anyway, very cute skirt. It has a multi-color lurex waistband, and it comes with a smiley face hair clip. Trés cute. 3. I bought this super cool, bright pink, gel purse from Zara kids. I ended up buying the yellow one, too. I was going to send it to her little sister, then I was going to keep it for myself, but then my "better half" told me that I should be a better person, so I sent it for her sister. All good! She loved hers, too. But that's just how right these purses are – I wanted one for myself, and I haven't been single digit age in quite some years. 4. I was once told by someone, that you never give a purse or a wallet as a gift without putting money in it. Thankfully, I give a lot of unbags, but this time, I couldn't escape the rule and hooked her up with a $5 bill, which Kenley says she's saving to go out and get ice cream (Told ya she loves ice cream) with me and her mom. How sweet is that?! 5. This denim jacket is part of the Fall '17 Epic Threads line sold exclusively at Macy's, but I customized it for her with the "K" initial raw-edge, fabric appliqué patch on the back, the crinkle on the collar, waist, and cuffs, a little grinding, and this tassle pin that I made with some bright colors to compliment all the pieces.

All I have to say is, I loved putting it together, and she loved it and is probably still wearing the ensemble 7 days later! Always remember to send a card or a letter explaining some or all of the gifts. It helps the receiver feel the love you put into the package.

Well that's my 5th birthday package list. Checkout some of the links, and you can cross 5th birthday presents off of your list.


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