Buffalo check yourself before you wreck yourself…

In case you’re one of those people who like to hold on to things, stop it! You should have learned from the movie Frozen by now, “let it go!” Fall is here! (It officially started on Sept. 23rd 2014). One of the must have patterns for the season is Buffalo check. Buffalo check is plaid with […]

All white, all white, all white…

Summertime is here and the temperature is going up. This summer the go to color is white.White cotton, white lace, white linen, white chiffon, white stripes…I kinda had to. (I was literally setting myself up.) Anyway, back to it. White. I headed over to the new NYC Urban Outfitters store on 35th and Broadway(see featured […]

Parkas and Anoraks

I have seen these two words used interchangeably, and although they basically serve the same purpose (keeping the rain off of your head), they are not the same. Parkas are jackets with a hood. They are normally wind proof and/or water-repellent. They tend to look like over shirts, and the most popular color to have […]


The sneakers are taking over! The sneakers are taking over! Tis the season to break out the sneakers, and show some ankle ;). And when I say sneakers I’m talking anything from New Balance to Toms. Yeah, I said Toms! Listen, a sneaker is defined as a high or low shoe, usually of fabrics such […]